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Battling the Terrible 2’s (almost 3’s): Step 1, Educate!

Olivia has been on a mission to strip me of my sanity. She doesn’t get what she wants – she screams. Her brother has something that she wants – she grabs and pushes. I have to hold her hand while … Continue reading

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Tale of a (premature) Twin Birth

The day you give birth is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life.  With Olivia, I had a picture perfect birth and I was able to take home my adorable, healthy girl just a few days … Continue reading

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How becoming a Mom has made me better…

I recently attended a work recruiting trip at my undergrad alma mater. There is nothing like a blast from the past to remind you of where you are now and how you got there. Though I was a fairly decent … Continue reading

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Twin Superhero Birthday!

We had our twin’s first birthday themed as a Super Hero bash!  They survived a rough year with the NICU and surgeries, and so they are my little superheroes.  Here are some pics from the event!!   A family friend helped with the … Continue reading

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2012 Halloween in the South Bay Area: Events for the Kiddos!

I love Halloween!  Here are some events that your children will enjoy around the south bay area. Pre-Halloween Events San Jose Pumpkins in the Park October 13th 10AM-4PM. Free event includes Giant Pumpkin Patch, Scarecrow Row, Fresh Apple Cider, Guadalupe River Education, … Continue reading

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Post Baby Truths: Where have my friends gone?

Truth #1: Friends drop on the priority list after you have a family.  Some stick around… and others get bored of you never showing up and drop off of the radar.  It’s no one’s fault, but it is bound to … Continue reading

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Childcare Options: Pros & Cons

As a working mom of three, I’ve experimented with many different childcare situations.  Nannies, friends, family & daycare… some days I come home from work smiling and other days… well, it’s quite the opposite.  Here is my take on what … Continue reading

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