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The Unplanned, Unmarried Pregnancy.

I’m taking it back to 2009. I was 24 and “doing it all.” I had a great job, with great benefits. I was cheerleading for a local sports team and partying with the best of them. John and I had … Continue reading

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How do I teach my children about God?

Many people are going to find issue with what I am about to talk about.  Throughout the world, religious beliefs spark debate and disagreements cause violence.  I’m don’t want to prove that I’m right or that anyone else is wrong.  I really don’t … Continue reading

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Hey Mom! What’s lurking in your purse?

I’m going to preface this with a confession – even before I had kids, my purse was a mess.  I always have liked big tote type purses where stuff somehow just gets lost and accumulates at the bottom.  However, before … Continue reading

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I’m a Cheating Mom: My Mommy Shortcuts

Before anyone freaks out and calls my fiancé – no I am not cheating on him.  I am a “cheating” Mom because I take shortcuts to make being a Mom easier.  Sometimes they aren’t the best for the kids, but … Continue reading

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I am Paranoid and I Like It.

I watched way too many episodes of Private Practice this evening. I saw a child lose his mother, a daughter stabbed by her sister and a baby in utero with no brain… Among other things. Then, before brushing my teeth, … Continue reading

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How My Geek Skills Help Me Parent

Beware: Nerd Alert. I majored in Computer Engineering and work as a Software Engineer in Test. Making my living writing code and “breaking” software has shaped my thinking, both at work and at home. As a parent, dealing with my … Continue reading

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Battling the Terrible Two’s: Part 2 – Take Action

Today I had Olivia pick her “spot.” (For reference see my Previous Post.) She named it “Olivia’s place” and she put a teddy bear there. We had our first opportunity shortly after. When she started to throw a tantrum because … Continue reading

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