How My Geek Skills Help Me Parent

Beware: Nerd Alert.

I majored in Computer Engineering and work as a Software Engineer in Test. Making my living writing code and “breaking” software has shaped my thinking, both at work and at home. As a parent, dealing with my little ones is sort of like debugging a really nasty piece of code.

This is key especially when they are infants and can’t tell you what they want. What is causing the “crash?” Pushing this button here, running this macro and round tripping the file? Or maybe the other way around? When you figure out how the crash repros… You fix the issue or create a workaround!

For example:
babyCry = true;

Is an endless loop of crying… fix with one line calling your MommyAction function and you are good to go:

babyCry = true;

Another example:
if(toddlerEating != true)

It’s about learning your child’s code base and adding lines of code to your MommyActions in order to prevent tantrums, meltdowns and encourage positive behavior. I’m a geek and I’m proud. 🙂


About supermama3

I am a working Mom of three beautiful children! They give me a run for my money and bring joy and perspective to my life. I work part time as a Software Engineer. Life is crazy, but we make time for fun & laughter.
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